Business Law

Our team has over forty years of collective experience assisting business clients with their legal needs. We serve many professionals and small-to-medium enterprises in both Cochrane and Calgary and always welcome the opportunity to assist new clients.

At Mabbott & Company, we work closely with our clients to find practical solutions to the many and varied issues which are encountered in the local business environment.

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We frequently advise and assist clients in relation to the following matters:

Starting a Business
-Incorporation of For-Profit Corporations
-Incorporation of Unlimited Liability Corporations (ULCs)
-Incorporation of Not-For-Profit Corporations and Societies
-Shareholder Agreements
-General Partnerships
-Limited Partnerships
-Sole Proprietorships and Registration of Trade Names

Buying or Selling a Business
-Asset Purchase/Sale Transactions
-Share Purchase/Sale Transactions
-Family Business Succession Planning

Reorganizing a Business
-Family Trusts
-Corporate Reorganizations related to Tax Planning
-Mergers and Amalgamations
-Continuance of Corporations in and out of Alberta
-Extra-Provincial Registration of Corporations

Financing a Business
-Commercial Financing
-Equity Raising and Securities Law Compliance
-Personal Property Registrations

Operating a Business
-Franchise Agreements
-Employment Law and Human Resource Matters
-Lease Agreements
-Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Brand Protection
-Service Agreements and other General Contract Preparation/Review

Real Estate

Mabbott & Company has a team of experienced lawyers and legal assistants who can work with you and provide you with legal advice and assistance in virtually all areas of real estate.  We will work closely with you and your Realtor, Banker, Broker, Accountant and Surveyor to protect your interests.

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We offer professional services in all of the following areas:
-New Home Purchases
-Purchases and Sales of Residential and Commercial Properties
-Residential and Commercial Mortgages
-Building or Draw Mortgages
-Residential and Commercial Refinancing
-Commercial Property Leases
-Subdivision of Land
-Purchase and Sale of Agricultural Land
-Agricultural Leases
-Mines and Minerals
-Condominium Developments
-Builder’s Liens

Wills & Estates

Mabbott & Company have a very experienced team who can assist you with your Estate Planning.  We can help you prepare the documents that are necessary to set your mind at ease regarding your financial and personal affairs, for use during your lifetime and after death.  For a will, power of attorney or Personal Directive, please complete our Estate Planning Questionnaire  and return it to us, or if you prefer, drop by our office and we can provide you with a paper version of the Questionnaire.

Dealing with an estate can be a trying experience.  Our proficient team can assist you with the administration of the Deceased’s Estate.  You can complete our Probate Questionnaire if you would like us to provide you with guidance and legal assistance in the administration process.  We have many years of experience in this field, having acted for Executors as well as beneficiaries and other interested parties, both in Canada and internationally.

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We can help you with the following:
-Enduring Powers of Attorney
-Personal Directives
-Grants of Probate or Administration
-Estate Administration
-Asset transfers
-Beneficiary entitlement and general Estate enquiries
-Dependent Adult matters
-Family Trusts

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Why should I use a lawyer to incorporate a new company?
The process of incorporating a new company is more than simply registering a corporate name and appointing an address for service. Your new corporation will be subject to specific legislative requirements depending on the jurisdiction in which it is registered (Alberta or Federal). It is important to understand your legal rights and responsibilities as a shareholder, director and officer of a corporation.  Let our team of professionals assist with creating a solid foundation upon which to grow your new venture.
My partner and I have started a new business. What benefit is a partnership/shareholder agreement?
There are many circumstances among partners/shareholders that could affect the operation, and perhaps even the viability, of your business. Consider how your business would function in the event of the death or disability of a partner/shareholder? How would your business be affected by the bankruptcy or divorce of a partner/shareholder? Perhaps most common, how will you separate the ownership if partners/shareholders are no longer able to work together? We work to help our business clients reach consensus with their partners as to how these issues will be dealt with in an effort to provide certainty for the business’ future and reduce the likelihood of costly disputes.
I am a first-time homebuyer. Do I need a lawyer if I already have a real estate agent?
For most people, a home is the single most expensive item they will ever purchase in their lives.  In order to ensure that both your interests and the interests of your lender are protected, you will require a lawyer to transact your purchase of a property.  While purchasing a home is a very exciting time, it can also be stressful if you don’t know what to expect.  Let our team of professionals take the stress out of it and allow you to focus on the thrill of owning a new home!
Why do I need a lawyer for a will when I can buy a will kit?
In order for a Will to be valid it must comply with very specific legislative requirements. Even the smallest mistake can render the Will invalid and leave your beneficiaries in a precarious situation.  Our professionals can take away the stress and uncertainty out of this and give you the peace of mind that your estate will be administered and distributed as per your wishes.
How often should I revise my will?
It is good practice to review your Wills every year or two to ensure that your wishes have not changed and to ensure that there have not been any changes in the law that may affect your estate.  Additionally, if there have been major changes in your family or life circumstances (marriage, divorce, birth/death of a family member, a new business, etc.) you will want to consult your lawyer to ensure these events have been addressed in your Will.

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